Generating regression tests on the fly: what for?

regression tests

Introduction We’ve been talking about AI for a few years now, but since the publication of ChatGPT, it’s now seen as an accessible Eldorado! As far as I’m concerned, AI remains a tool, and the most important thing is not to know whether it’s AI, but to understand its potential uses. What does AI allow […]

Test Smarter, Not Harder: Prioritize Regression Test Cases

Test Smarter, Prioritize

Hey there, if you are here is because you want to learn how to Test Smarter so let’s go!! Regression testing is a type of software testing that ensures that previously tested and working functionality continues to work after a change is made. The primary goal is to identify any new defects or unintended impacts […]

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing

Regression testing is a vital software testing technique that helps ensure application quality and reliability during software development. It involves re-running functional and non-functional tests on an application after modifications to ensure that existing capabilities still work as expected and that new changes have not introduced defects. Though regression testing is repetitive, it provides significant […]

Optimizing E2E Testing with AI: The Usage-Centric Paradigm

Usage-centric Approach,

In the world of software development, End-to-End (E2E) testing, especially through the Usage-Centric approach, plays a pivotal role, simulating real-life scenarios and user interactions within production-like environments. This testing phase distinguishes itself from unit, integration, and systems tests by focusing on validating real-world scenarios, user experiences, business processes, and end-to-end user journeys. E2E testing should […]

Which coverage indicator for your E2E tests?

Coverage E2E tests

When producing E2E test suites, one challenge is to know what to test first, and when to consider that the test suite is sufficient to ensure the desired level of quality. To make the most rational decisions possible, we need to base our decisions on objective indicators. As far as testing is concerned, one such […]

Testing User Sessions: Understanding the Importance of Coverage

User sessions

We have recently added a new feature in Gravity that allows to see the coverage of an E2E test suite compared to the user’s real sessions.When talking about test coverage, most testers and developers will think about code coverage (or eventually requirements coverage). Let’s see how code coverage works and how different it is from […]

Eurostar Conference

From June 13th to 16th, a part of our team attended the Eurostar Conference held in Antwerp, Belgium to present Gravity and Yest (the two products by Smartesting) Our booth We participated as sponsors, so we had the opportunity to have a booth where we showcased Gravity and Yest. We are happy to have been […]

State of Test Automation 2023: Keeping our E2E Test Suites Lean and Valuable

State of Test Automation 2023: Keeping our E2E Test Suites Lean and Valuable

What we learned from the survey “State of Test Automation 2023”: Keeping our E2E Test Suites Lean and Valuable The 2023 edition of Perforce’s “State of Test Automation” survey has just been released and gives us some interesting insights: A few words about this “State of Test Automation” survey: it has been conducted annually for […]

What Should We Test?

Visual of our blogpost : What should we test?

This seemingly elementary question is one of the most complex in the world of quality and testing… while being perhaps the most important because, need I remind you, exhaustive testing is impossible. As you will have recognized, we are talking here about test scope, an essential element of test plans and a topic that is […]

Ensuring Security in Software Testing: Safeguarding Applications from Vulnerabilities

Ensuring Security in Software Testing

Protecting applications from potential vulnerabilities is crucial in today’s digital landscape. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, ensuring software security has become paramount for organizations. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of software security in the testing phase and explore effective strategies to mitigate risks. Let’s discover how organizations can […]