Tailor functional tests to your application actual use

Leverage behavioral data to create better tests. Target what really matters.

Usage data, for developers

Developers and testers also want to know how their product is used. Gravity comes with an open-source JavaScript add-on that automatically tracks how your users interact with your website or web application.

  • PII-free Your users’ privacy is safe. Gravity never collects personal data and stores everything in a GDPR-compliant host
  • No impacts on performances Our agent is light, and we intend to keep it that way!
  • Easy to set up Add a package and you’re done. No tracking plan to build or heavy code modifications are required.
  • Enriched data Gravity collect information about your users’ environment so you can create the most accurate tests possible
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Master the top of your test pyramid

Prevent regressions on key user paths while not blowing up test run duration: this is the tough challenge that comes with designing an end-to-end test suite.

Gravity helps you find the perfect trade-off between test coverage and execution speed.

  • Insights Take decisions regarding your testing effort, in a data-informed way. Discover at a glance new behaviors to check and tests that can be improved.
  • Business-relevant metrics Your app does not have one single type of user. Add custom traits to your data and track your test coverage against the usage of a specific persona.

AI-powered usage discovery

Tagging every possible business activity in your code is burdensome. With its AI capabilities, Gravity automatically makes sense of the collected data to figure out what are the most important actions for your users and translate them into business-readable terminology.

Business flow coverage

Tracking funnels is not just for marketing. Check if your end-to-end test scenarios cover your users’ actual habits. Quickly get tests for actual key user journeys.

🚀 Boost your test automation

Gravity helps you tailor your Cypress, Playwright, and Selenium test suites.
Reduce by 90% your end-to-end test script design.
Generate tests covering your critical user journeys in a few clicks.

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Start with Usage-centric Testing