Tailor functional tests to your application actual use

Leverage behavioral data to create better tests. Target what really matters.

Usage-centric Testing

Go further than testing nominal scenarios. Get insights into what your users actually do with your application.
Record activity going on your application with our light, easy-to-set-up, GDPR-compliant JavaScript add-on.
Explore usage data using our filtering abilities.
Add your own custom business data to segment your users’ behavior.

Target your end-to-end test suite

Master the top of your test pyramid. Challenge your assumptions about the paths your users take and gain confidence in your delivery without slowing it down.
Evaluate the coverage of your test suite against your users ‘ real activity.
Complete your test suite with test script export of your users’ sessions

🚀 Boost your test automation

Generate end-to-end tests based on your users’ actual paths. Reduce by 90% your End-to-End automated test design.

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Start with Usage-centric Testing