Want to test what really matters? Gravity can help!

Leverage your users behavioral data
to create better tests.

Don’t invest on less important paths anymore.

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Collect Relevant Data

Don’t place a bet on random data anymore.

Discover the actual paths followed by your users in your application or website.

Optimize your tests by collecting data that matters.
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Accelerate Your Pace of Release

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Visualize and analyze how your application is used.

Check and control the coverage of your main application features.

Reduce your test effort by focusing on the right paths.

Get Your Automated Tests Easily

Generate end-to-end tests based on
your actual users paths.

Accelerate your Cypress tests

conception thanks to our powerful


Reduce by 90% your Cypress script


Generate your keywords

automatically with our automated

graphic selector tool.
Extract of Cypress code generated by Gravity

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