Test what your
users actually do

Design automated tests suites tailored
to your product actual usage

Install. Deploy. Learn.

Discover how your users interact with your application in a few minutes. Simply embed the Gravity agent in your web application and you are done. No heavy code modifications or tracking plans to maintain.

No need to dig into raw data either: our AI-powered engine will detect for you what actions or sequences your users are taking the most so you can inform your testing decisions.

And of course, we do not collect any personal information; your users’ privacy is safe!

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Release with confidence

No more bugs in your users’ key journeys. Gravity helps you tailor your automated test suite to focus on what matters to your users.

Gravity compares production and test data to detect behavior you were not testing yet so you can improve your test coverage.

By targeting your end-to-end test suite, Gravity dramatically reduces its running time and consumed resources

Accelerate scripts production

No one likes to struggle with CSS selectors or go back and forth between their code editor and their browser when automating end-to-end tests.

Gravity bootstraps for you Cypress, Playwright, and Selenium tests so you can focus on what you want to check.

By leveraging production data, Gravity can generate scripts as close as possible to your users’ context and favorite devices.

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Compatible with your favorite test framework

Gravity helps you tailor your Cypress, Playwright, and Selenium test suites.
Reduce by 90% your end-to-end test script design.
Generate tests covering your critical user journeys in a few clicks.
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Usage-centric Testing

Optimize your automated test suite and go to market faster with Gravity