Automate relevant
tests only

Design your E2E test suites
based on your product actual usage.

Safeguard your key user journeys

Discover how your application is actually used in production.

Identify which key user journeys are missing in your E2E tests.

Let Gravity bootstrap Cypress, Playwright or Selenium tests for you.

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Reduce testing costs

Target your test automation effort on what really matters.

Accelerate test scripting with Gravity capability to leverage production data.

Optimize execution time by avoiding irrelevant tests.

Make it with confidence

Gravity collects anonymous user sessions, sensitive information being removed directly in the front-end, and stores it in a safe place.

Our data collector has no impact on your application performance.

To be fully transparent, our data collector is open-source, so you can check the above points by yourself!

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Compatible with your favorite test framework

Gravity helps you tailor your Cypress, Playwright, and Selenium test suites.
Reduce by 90% your end-to-end test script design.
Generate tests covering your critical user journeys in a few clicks.
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Usage-centric Testing

Optimize your automated test suite and go to market faster with Gravity