Product update Q1 – Gravity

Hey all 👋, it’s time for a product update! Let’s review what happened in Gravity these last three months. Our focus The first service we want to provide with Gravity is to help teams build and continuously improve their end-to-end test suites (aka “the top of the test pyramid”). We stated it as the following […]

A glimpse of Devoxx

A glimpse of Devoxx - Gravity

If you attended to Devoxx France last week, you may have bumped into the Gravity stand and a people from our crew: We still are a young product, and are eager to know better our (future potential) users, so we took every opportunity to get out of the office to learn from them and raise […]

Gravity product update – Q4 2022

Gravity testing Update 4

We released the first usable version of Gravity just after last summer (see the story of our reboot here). We took some technical shortcuts in order to build a minimal set of features so we could welcome our early adopters

Gravity : From logs to a fresh new start

Gravity testing new start

“Not all those who wander are lost”  – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring A few months ago, if you visited our homepage, you would have read the following tagline: “From logs to tests – An innovative web app that helps you create functional tests based on your user’s application flows, assisted by AI” The (former) […]