Testing User Sessions: Understanding the Importance of Coverage

User sessions

We have recently added a new feature in Gravity that allows to see the coverage of an E2E test suite compared to the user’s real sessions.When talking about test coverage, most testers and developers will think about code coverage (or eventually requirements coverage). Let’s see how code coverage works and how different it is from […]

Shaping user stories with “example mapping”

Example mapping blog post image

TL;DR We introduced example mapping workshops as soon as we set up the development process at the beginning of the Gravity journey. Example mapping is a workshop for Agile teams to help structure conversation when working on a new user story. It has multiple benefits: Software development teams often struggle to align themselves on “what” […]

The perfect Cucumber stack

Cucumber stack

Cucumber stack: One problem with Cucumber scenario automation A while ago, when I was first introduced to the concepts of BDD, I was seduced by the promises of this methodology. But when it came to automating the scenarios, I was quickly disappointed. We used to implement our scenarios on top of an EmberJs + Ruby […]

How Hexagonal Architecture made our developer’s life better

Hexagonal Architecture schema

Hexagonal Architecture is great, did you even doubt it? Let’s focus on the benefits provided by this approach and how it applies to real use cases.  Hexagonal architecture is not a brand-new design pattern (it was proposed in 2005 by Alistair Cockburn). There are plenty of resources available about this.  In this post, we will […]

How wonderful it is to work with a JavaScript backend


JavaScript gets a lot of (well-deserved) hate for being an awful language. Java is still often considered as not being fit for backend development. As a result, TypeScript often receives the same complaints. Although this is not entirely false, using a single language for backend and frontend eases a lot the workflow of the team: In this post, I will address the benefits of […]