Boost your Cypress testing game with Usage-centric Testing

“We have too many tests, and a lot of them are for features that don’t make sense anymore.”

“Our test suite keeps growing, but we still have as many bugs.”

As a Cypress user, you may have thought or said those words before -or similar ones.

Applications are never “done” and evolve continuously. Agile & DevOps teams can even deliver new releases multiple times a day…and with new features come new tests.

But what about older tests? Are they still relevant as time passes by and our product evolves? Are we not over-testing some features for old habit sake? However, deciding to remove tests is complicated: we cannot risk leaving untested behavior in our code, especially if this is a frequent one of our users.

But, is it? Even with the best analytics tools, getting insights into what our users really do with our application is complex. So, how can we adopt a usage-centric testing approach?

During this webinar, Joan Racenet and Julien Botella, from the Gravity product team, will dive into these topics.

Key takeaways we’ll discuss:

  • Why designing an efficient end-to-end test suite can be tricky
  • A quick overview of
  • How a Usage-Centric Testing approach & Gravity can help you tailor functional tests to your application’s actual usage
  • How Gravity works

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