Boost your Cypress testing game with Usage-centric Testing

Find, below, the replay of our last webinar about how to boost your Cypress testing game with Usage-centric Testing and Gravity.

Pains we use to listen :

  • “We have too many tests, and a lot of them are for features that don’t make sense anymore.”
  • “Our test suite keeps growing, but we still have as many bugs.”

How can we fix that ?

The Importance and Challenges of Testing in Software Development

As software development continues to evolve, the importance of testing becomes increasingly critical. New features require new tests, and as a result, the test suite can quickly become bloated and challenging to manage. Many Cypress users can attest to this issue and have likely thought or even vocalized similar concerns.

However, removing old tests is a complicated process. It’s essential to ensure that our code remains stable and performs as expected, even as the product evolves. Leaving untested behavior in our code could lead to disastrous consequences, particularly if it’s a feature that our users frequently use.

Adopting a Usage-Centric Testing Approach with Gravity’s Webinar

Despite the complexities involved in removing tests, there’s a question that needs to be asked. Are all these tests still relevant, or are we over-testing some features out of habit? The truth is that getting insights into what our users really do with our application is complex, even with the best analytics tools.

So, how can we adopt a usage-centric testing approach? During the upcoming webinar, Gravity’s product team, including Joan Racenet and Julien Botella, will explore this topic in depth. They will discuss why designing an efficient end-to-end test suite can be challenging, provide a quick overview of, and showcase how a usage-centric testing approach can help tailor functional tests to the application’s actual usage.

Exploring Gravity: A Platform for Efficient Test Suite Management and Optimization

One of the highlights of the webinar will be a deep dive into how Gravity works. The platform is designed to help teams manage their test suites efficiently and effectively by analyzing user behavior data to identify the most critical areas of the application to test. This approach ensures that teams can focus their testing efforts where they matter the most, reducing the overall burden of maintaining an extensive test suite.

Overall, the upcoming webinar promises to provide valuable insights for teams looking to optimize their testing process. By adopting a usage-centric testing approach, teams can ensure that their tests remain relevant, effectively manage their test suite, and ultimately deliver better quality software to their users.

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